Pump with solar panel

The Solar Power pump is the ideal solution if you don't want to visit your boat every time rain falls. This very innovative pump works completely independently, the moment there is enough rain water in your boar (4-5 cm) the Solar Power pump starts working and only stops when almost all water is pumped out of your boat. In the meanwhile, but when the Solar Power pump isn't pumping, too, the solar panel completely recharges the battery until the next time rain falls.

The Solar Power Pump has to be placed on a sunny spot, preferably at the lowest point of the boat horizontally. In case needed you can order a chain with a discuss lock so it doesn't get stolen. Your pump can be places in the lowest point of your boat and the solar panel can be placed in a sunny spot due to the 1.5 meter long wire.

The Solar Power pump can pump up to times more liters per hour (2700) compared to one of our most powerful pumps (the Aqua Charge) and is the most powerful product on the market. The pump on solar energy also has a suction height of above 2.5 meters instead of the 1.5 meters of our other pumps. Because of this the pump with solar panels isn't just suitable to empty boats, but can also be used in community gardens on sunny days to water the plants.

The finish and quality:

  • RVS anti theft guard
  • RVS attachement materials
  • Electronics and wires are water proof
  • Plastic encasement (no electrolyse)

Technical description:

  • 2700 liters / hour pump capacity
  • Suction height:  > 2,5 meter
  • 17 VDC solar panel
  • Dimension tub: 270x195x225 (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 4 KG
  • Including tyrap to connect the hose
  • Including hose 
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Solar Power Pump
Order this product when you don't want to use a RVS chain with discuss lock against theft.  ..
Ex Tax: £165.25
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Solar Power Pump (with chain + lock)
This pump is delivered with an RVS chain and a RVS discuss lock to prevent theft.  ..
Ex Tax: £181.78
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Solar Power Pump with detachable solar panel
The Solar Panel needs to be placed in the lowest place in the boat where the rain or other water col..
Ex Tax: £189.26
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