Portable Power pump

Portable Power pump
Portable Power pump Portable Power pump
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A Portable Power Pump is a very powerful and easy to use water pump that works on 3 D batteries and is completely wireless because of it. Every hour this wireless pump has a capacity of up to 800 liters. In case you use the right batteries with this pump (We advice rechargeable Alkaline batteries) you will be able to enjoy it up to five hours. You can order 3 rechargeable D batteries along if you want, so you can immediately start. The height of the Portable Power pump is 1 meter, this is also the length of the included hose. It's usually enough to empty a medium sized boat. While the pump is busy on your boat you don't have to worry about any water getting in as the pump is completely water resistant. You can even completely submerge the Portable Power pump.

A Portable Power pump is very suitable for pumping your boat, aquarium, pond or pools automatically. Especially if you have no electricity!


Specifics Portable Power pump summarised

-  Works on:                              3 D batteries

-  Wireless:                               Yes

-  Duration:                                Up to five hours (When using Alkaline batteries)

-  Pump capacity p/h:                800 liters

-  Height:                                   1 meter

-  Length hose:                          1 meter

-  Completely water resistant?   Yes


A must have for every boat owner! A portable power pump is a wireless pump that works on batteries. After purchasing the portable power pump you will never have to look for a socket and you might as well throw you scooping can out. Every hour the portable power pump can pump up to 800 liters of water away with a height of 1.5 meters. The pump has a 1.5 meters long hose (included), but also comes with an extension that can be attached to your garden hose. With the portable power pump you make sure your boat doesn't sink and you prevent all kinds of annoyances around the use of a scooping can. Ideal to use to pump your boat dry, but the portable power pump can also be used to pump your aquarium, sink, pond or pool dry. Buy the portable power pump for only 49,-! 

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