Portable Power Pomp

The portable power pumps works on 3, we advice rechargeable, batteries of the format D. By recharging it once you can use the portable power pump up to five hours. This battery pump can pump up to 800 liters per hour, up to a suction height of one and a half meters can be completely submerged. By purchasing a portable power pump you will never have to scoop yourself.

The portable power pump is great for scooping out your boat if you have no electricity. In Amsterdam this Waterbuster is a big success. A lot of boats in the channels fill up so much every year they almost sink. Scooping them out is almost impossible then. But, with the portable power pump you can sit down on the wharf while your boat automatically gets pumped dry.

The portable power pump is very handy for inside use as well, by for example pumping your aquarium or sink empty. But outside the portable power pump is very applicable as well to pump your pool or pond dry.

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Portable Power pump
A Portable Power Pump is a very powerful and easy to use water pump that works on 3 D batteries and ..
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