Drainman MKII NEW

Drainman MKII NEW
Drainman MKII NEW Drainman MKII NEW Drainman MKII NEW Drainman MKII NEW
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The Drainman pumps up to 2500 liters of water per day and has a tractive force of 15000 Newton up to a height of 2.5 meters. The Drainman is self-priming up to 8 meters (Drainman extension of 3 meters can be ordered separately). Installing it will take only a few minutes, without any wiring and easy to take with you.

In just a few years the Drainman has become a succes on both a national as well as on a international level. In 2009 the Drainman got introduced at the worlds biggest fair for boats and accessories and has only gotten good reviews since. The Drainman is conquering the whole world. In that same year the Drainman won the award for the most environmental product of the year during the international DAME awards. A year later the Drainman also got nominated for the HISWA innovation price. In 2011 the Drainmen was also nominated for the Smart Gadget of the year in Sweden. Until today the need for the Drainman keeps growing due to the growing conscious between people and the environment.

The design of the Drainman:

The development of the Drainman started with a simple idea: think of a well built, self maintaining durable pump for a price that everyone can afford. Several years passed to test the product during all kinds of weather conditions and the optimise the Drainman. This all happened on the west coast of Sweden in the big lakes, but at sea as well. At the start of 2009 the Drainman was very welcome after years of development during the Gothenburg Boat Fair.  

With the Drainman you will never be bothered by water in your boat. Aren't you able to check on your boat for weeks or even months? And are you worried your boat will slowly fill up with rainwater? The Drainman might be the solution you are looking for!

A Drainman is a 100% durable pump designed to scoop out your boat with. Because the Drainman works on wind and waves you don't need any electricity. Attach your Drainman to your mooring line and put this between the boat and the mainland (see picture "Installing Drainman") The smallest movements will be enough to make the Drainman do its work.

The Drainman can pump up to 2500 liters of water every 24 hours. The product is of such a good quality it can handle a tractive force of up to 1500 kilos. If the lowest point of your boat is more than 3 meters away from the point where you attached the Drainman to your mooring line you can buy a Drainman extension of 3 meters. In theory the Drainman is self-priming for up to 8 meters then.

For more information about the Drainman and how you can best install it you can take a look at the following clips: 


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