Boat leakage?

Boat leakage?
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Does your boat have a leak and do you want to fix it yourself? With the following waterproof kit your solution is close.

It's often expensive to get a leak in your boat be fixed by a third party. To let a professional fix your leak you have to go to a wharf, which is often difficult if your boat has a leak already. Then there are the added costs to get your boat out of the water, and we didn't even mention the costs of welding your boat. From personal experience the costs to fix a leak in your boat can be between 500 to a 1000 euros for a simple channel boat. The boat wasn't even worth that money!

Thankfully we found a waterproof kit that is even applicable UNDER WATER. Instead of hiring someone expensive to fix the boat, we could do it ourselves and keep the change! More information about what else you can use the kit below:

Our waterproof kit can be used to stop different leaks under water for, for example your boat, pool or aquarium. This kit repairs almost anything and attaches to all sorts of metal, ceramics, wood, glass cement and hard plastic.

The kit has 2 components which after being kneaded to one color becomes as hard as steal within 15 minutes. For more information on how to use this kit the following information:  

  1.  Clear the area surrounding your leak from any fat or other dirt and make it raw with for example sandpaper.
  2. Break or cut the amount you think you will need.
  3. Knead the material until it becomes one grey color
  4. Place the materials direct onto the leak and push.  
  5. Wash your hands very well!


Some features and applications the kit can also be used for:

- This kit attaches really well, even under water!
- Use this kit for leaks on the boat, water pipes, kettles, radiators, etc.
- You can also use it to fix pools, aquariums, yachts, boats and ships.

The content of this pack is 57 grams

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