About Us

"Buy a boat and work yourself to death”, that was our first impression when we went through our first season of boating. In the fall we bought our own small boat which lost its tent during the very first storm. We had no other choice than to scoop the water out every few weeks with a scooping can. Usually there was so much water in it by then we had to stand on the benches and sometimes we thought “there has to be a leak in here somewhere, nothing else is possible”. That, however, wasn’t true.. We concluded that it just rained a lot in the UK!

To save you this grief we started a webshop where we offer top quality products like the Portable Power Pump, Portable Blue Pump, Aquacharge and the Drainman so you will never have to scoop water out of your boat again. All our pumps work on batteries or on the power of the wind /waves. That means you will never need a power outlet again!

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